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Conversations with Women in Sales

Feb 23, 2023

Stephanie Chung is a transformational expert and a commercial strategist with passion for people.

Stephanie serves on many boards. She's led businesses through significant change in unprecedented times which has given her great appreciation and resolve to align organizational goals and amazing teams behind a shared vision and purpose to achieve the desired results. 

As an accomplished, innovative leader, Stephanie has  20+ years of demonstrated success of steering companies from start-up into maturity, propelling record sales growth, and building highly engaged and loyal teams for global entities. 

Deemed the first African-American to lead a major private aviation company, Stephanie was honored to earn accolades as a “Trailblazer” on the 2020 Ebony Magazine Power 100 list, "Top Visionary Changing The Luxury World Right Now" Robb Report 2021, "Top Executive" 2022 Savoy Magazine, and "Most Influential Female Executive" Women's Inc 2022 .

We had a great conversation. I had no idea what her first job in aviation was at Logan Airport - amazing - and shows how one can climb the corporate ladder all the way to the C-Suite.