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Conversations with Women in Sales

Feb 29, 2024

Hannah and I had a rousing conversation about all things sales. Hannah is founder of Revenue Funnel and is based in London. She and I talked about many topics - including: 

A Conversation with Hannah Ajikawo - Journey from Sales to CEO and Founder of Revenue Funnel

In this episode, Hannah Ajikawo, CEO and Founder of Revenue Funnel, discusses her journey through experiences in Sales to forming her company. Raised in inner-city areas heavily influenced by crime, Hannah obtained a degree in Criminology and Social Policy before finding her way into Sales. She discusses her experiences working across various companies, and how her curiosity about the functioning of companies led her to setup her own business. Hannah also talks about the importance of networking and continuous learning for success in Sales. She advocates for keeping focus on improving specific areas based on individual needs. Furthermore, she emphasizes the critical role Sales plays in personal development, stepping into power, and generating wealth.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation
00:38 Hannah's Journey into Sales
01:01 Transition from Academia to Sales
02:24 Challenges and Triumphs in Sales
05:42 Personal Struggles and Career Progression
09:32 The Shift to Consulting
10:34 The Importance of Authenticity
12:24 Advice for Job Seekers
18:09 Hannah's Involvement in Sistas in Sales
21:32 Recommendations for Aspiring Salespeople
28:32 Conclusion and Contact Information


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