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Conversations with Women in Sales

Dec 7, 2022

Porchia Jenkins is currently Manager of Mid-Market Sales Development at a company called TripActions. But Porchia didn't start out in college thinking about going into sales... nope, she was focused on kineseology and exercise science. Got her Bachelors degree, and then her Masters in it. She was ready for her career in physical fitness - first working with adults, and then with kids. Somehow she ended up at a holiday party or two with folks in software sales. That got her thinking about a change - the rest is history. Porchia and I shared stories about formerly being a teacher then getting into sales. We laughed at how it "used" to be that hiring managers in sales didn't see a correlation sometimes for "grit" and "perserverance" as we toiled away with kids in classrooms. Really? 

Porchia also talked about being a Black woman in a while male world - sales. How she's used being an "only" often to her advantage and who is really clear about who she is and the huge value she offers. I think this episode will inspire a woman - maybe a Black or Brown woman - to consider sales - or consider staying in sales (don't leave...) or moving into sales leadership as Porchia has done. I think the sky is the limit for Porchia and I can't wait to see what is ahead for her.  This time of year, we could use a "gift" of a 5 star review on iTunes if you are so moved! Please write a comment too, on iTunes as it makes a difference. Thanks!